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T stop

I saw you... At Boston Calling. Always imagined that we'd have listened together. Miss you.


Lowell dhall still

I saw you... And I take it back. Kid in the red sweater, play in the dhall forever. You beautiful soul, you. Making 1 am paper writing so much better.



I saw you... Why do so many males around me seem to neglect to wash their hands after using the restroom? Please wash your hands, people.



I saw you... guy in my section. I promise I'm usually normal, but sitting next to you makes me so nervous I feel physically sick...


floating along

I saw you... wondering how I can talk to UHS to get prescribed antidepressants without falling into a trap + having to go through therapy + jumping through other hoops ... I've already done a telephone consultancy with mental health. Just want to know how to best set up an appointment and talk to someone. I've thought over this a lot and don't want to back out.



I saw you... What is the HCFA mailing list?


Outside the SC

I saw you, petite girl with the curly brown hair outside the Science Center. you smiled at me and it made my day. Thanks!



I saw you... asdf

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