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Eliot dhall

I saw you... with your wavy red hair and green jacket. It's your birthday...I wish I could be your present.


Lamont Cafe, sitting near the magazines

I saw you... sexy blonde in a sexy flannel. come home with me?


In the quad

I saw you watching me. I wanted you to be thinking the same thing I was.


Eliot Library

I saw you...in the back table of eliot library. Your stuff has been there for days, it's time to move on.


Stairs to Lamont by Wigg

I saw you... running up to Lamont usng the ramp of the staircase. What a daredevil. I know you're a man but I'mma treat you like a lady.


The Berg

I saw you...intensely focused on creating that gingerbread house. Your smile && contagious laugh lighting up the whole place. OoO gingerbread man,I just want to eat you up.


While I was Ghostriding...

I saw you...You are my father, and I luh you.


Outside and inside

I saw you... in lev library (left corner where nobody can see you.) Only when you decide to get some air, with you computer in your hands, your beauty paralyzes the entire lib.


Quincy dhall

I saw you...all three of you, in the Quincy dhall. North Face jacket, weird tee of cloud animals, and stylish black sweater with Prada glasses. I've seen you guys here every night until the early hours of the morning. Quadruple date, anyone?


Walking on Mill Street

I saw you... from my window, heading out to drink. You forgot to wave.

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