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in the cardio room at Shad Hall, HBS

I saw you...sweating it up in Shad Hall. Body as young as a student's. If only we could be...


At the Pudding this Weekend

You totally cast a spell on me.


In the girls' bathroom

I saw you...walking into the girl's bathroom as I was creeping behind the door. Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha. Ha.


winthrop dhall

I saw you...in a purple shirt with dark jeans. Loving it. You were sitting alone working on a paper. I knew that you needed some company but I was nervous. I wandered around the place for fifteen minutes but still didn't come over. I just kept thinking about the gorgeous shape of your eyes, the swell of your lips....I couldn't stop looking but I was to scared that if I went over to you I just wouldn't stop staring. I'll come up with the courage, you give me strength.

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