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Across from the Hong Kong

I saw you eating a donut. You didn't eat the hole. What is wrong with ewe?


kong 130a

cutie in the gray coat w/ fur hood ... I saw you looking over more than a few times ;)



I saw you... What is the HCFA mailing list?



I saw you... poop


re: floating along

I got anti-anxiety meds from primary care physician at home. I think that this was MUCH easier than going through UHS. I saw a counselor at the Bureau of Study Counsel to talk, though.



I saw you... You don't think you did anything bad to me at that party, but when I see you I feel sick. Don't you dare come near me again.



I saw you... final club(s) blasting music right now--are you kidding? Are you kidding me right now?


My email account

I saw you Dean lassonde getting emasculated in my inbox. Stop being a lozer and stand up for conversation. #adminswithopinions


ps 1

I saw you... did the request for ps1 peer study leaders already get sent out?


floating along

I saw you... wondering how I can talk to UHS to get prescribed antidepressants without falling into a trap + having to go through therapy + jumping through other hoops ... I've already done a telephone consultancy with mental health. Just want to know how to best set up an appointment and talk to someone. I've thought over this a lot and don't want to back out.

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