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I saw you... what is CS50? Is that a class or something?



I saw you...Maria Barragan. Pretty much the definition of lovely


Out in the SUN

I saw you... harvard girls, out in your summer dresses and skirts, looking hot and sexy in the sun. During the winter, I was worried I had chosen the wrong school!


Harvard Housing Day .com

I saw you... Leverett, hacking into the Harvard Housing Day site with all your propaganda. No one wants to live there. Please stop trying.


Soldier Field

I saw you... Harvard destroying Yale. As always. GO CRIMSON!


Freshman Year

I saw you... guy who won the freshman assassins. I think you are so cute. I am so happy that through the freshman final fight I got to meet someone as adorable as you whom I would have probably finished my freshman year without knowing. I would like to know you better :)


Windless Roof

I did not hit her It's not true It's bullshit I did not hit her I did naaaaaahhht ....... Oh Hai Mark!



I saw you... Harvard, being mean to me sometimes. Yet as I sit here in the cold writing my paper I can not help but realise how badly I've fallen for you. Sure you can be stubborn and strongheaded at times, and it's ok if I fail Life Sci, it's ok if I dont get a date for the formal, it's ok if I feel alienated sometimes, cuz I know that at the end of the day, I'll see Memorial Hall tower gleaming in the moonlight, I'll see the River Houses being beautiful, I'll see John sitting eternally in his chair and I'll see myself in your eyes and realise how far I've come and how far I'm willing to go. So it's ok if you don't see me, cuz I see you, and I love you :)



I saw you... drunk a**hole molesting a girl in my entryway. I yelled at you and threatened to call the cops. If I see you again, I will seriously hurt you.


All over ISYH

I saw you... people on ISYH assuming that if you eat alone there must be something wrong with you with comments like "You're too goodlooking to be eating by yourself." Yo folks, sometimes I just wanna eat my Red Spiced Chicken in peace and I don't wanna get all crazy texting and saving seats in the dhall. Doesn't mean I'm tainted or anything. Sincerely, 1 man wolf pack

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