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ps 1

I saw you... did the request for ps1 peer study leaders already get sent out?


floating along

I saw you... wondering how I can talk to UHS to get prescribed antidepressants without falling into a trap + having to go through therapy + jumping through other hoops ... I've already done a telephone consultancy with mental health. Just want to know how to best set up an appointment and talk to someone. I've thought over this a lot and don't want to back out.


re: re: Primal Scream

I saw you... I beg to differ. It's a personal decision, but as someone who makes the less popular choice to keep that hair, it's also really nice to know that not everyone these days is grossed out by it.


re: Primal Scream

I saw you... Creep, posting a variation of this every year. Can't wait for you to graduate/leave.


Primal Scream

I saw you... sexy naked girls. Great to see that so many smart girls keep some hair around their intimate area.



I saw you... RIP manbun :(



I saw you... guy in my section. I promise I'm usually normal, but sitting next to you makes me so nervous I feel physically sick...


Flattered but exasperated

I saw you... What's with guys staring from afar but being reluctant to come talk to me personally? I'm really not someone you should be intimidated by, and I promise I don't bite. Boys, if you're interested, I don't care if you have to make up some pretext -- just come and introduce yourself so we can at least be acquainted.



I saw you... Why do so many males around me seem to neglect to wash their hands after using the restroom? Please wash your hands, people.


Outside of Lamont

I met you outside Lamont you were pitching an app called Radiate for the Harvard Yale Game. You said if I posted I saw you there on I saw you harvard by tonight at 9pm you'd respond and go on a date with me. Here's the link to the app - it's actually pretty sweet and I'm not just saying that because you're hot. I think Harvard could use something like Radiate Download it people and help me get this girl to be my wife lol bit.ly/radiateapp

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