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re: In Class

I saw you... get over yourself. No one cares.


In class

I saw you picking your nose. Not cool.



I saw you... Daniel Bridgewater. Sweet lord.



2 years to the day that we celebrated


CS people? an app?

I saw you... can anyone create a harvard dating app??


Third Floor, Lamont. By Windows.

I saw you... third floor Lamont Library. You're in an armchair, looking out the window at the unusually beautiful clouds, and I wonder what's on your mind. You're clearly not an undergrad but you seem pretty at home here. Plus, are those Darth Vader socks? I have the same pair. Don't care whether you're Light Side or Dark Side. I'm hoping the Force is strong enough with me to say hi before you leave.


Lev dhall

I saw you... Hot tutor in scrubs. You make me want to be premed.


Lowell dhall still

I saw you... And I take it back. Kid in the red sweater, play in the dhall forever. You beautiful soul, you. Making 1 am paper writing so much better.


Lowell dhall

I saw you... People playing the Lowell dhall piano. I don't care if you're amazing or atrocious, you just need to stop. I came here at 10 pm to study, not play audience to your personal whims.


Shy but happy

I saw you... I was really hurt from a guy but I realized you'd always been by my side waiting for me until I finally saw you as more than a friend, and now, in my last year, I have.

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