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The World Over

I saw you...Harvard. Yesterday reminded me of just how lucky we all are to have been granted the incredible opportunity to attend this institution. Thousands upon thousands of dreams were crushed yesterday at 5 pm; the lucky few who got accepted spent all of last night in what will probably be the happiest mental state of their lives. For all the complaining we do, we must always keep in our hearts and minds that feeling of euphoria we had upon receiving our acceptance emails, however many years ago it may have been. Don't be jaded, Harvard--enough of the FMLs! Do you remember the feeling of being a prefrosh? We were unstoppable, curious, ecstatic, and friendly. We were on top of the world. We are the luckiest students on the planet-- remember this ALWAYS.


frat house

I saw you... self. At a party last night - with the opportunity to lose your virginity on the dance floor with a boy you had just met. I'm proud of you for going as far as you wanted and having fun, but also still retaining the self respect to say no and not let said boy pressure you. It makes me smile to know that you have this kind of self control.


Soon it will be over

Please tell me I'm not the only one pulling multiple all-nighters writing papers and studying for finals. Like this post in solidarity :)


Re: Currier

Nobody likes Currier. Sorry.



I saw you... CAN'T BELIEVE DANNY AND PRATYUSHA ARE THE NEW UC PRESIDENT AND VP. THIS ABSOLUTELY RUINS MY -- oh wait, it actually has no impact on my life whatsoever. Cool.



I saw you... Quincy and your magical Christmas tree. Thanks for being the best House at Harvard :D


In a room post-work

I saw you... consulting me for advice on a messy hook-up/dating. I have no hesitation in giving you as objective advice as I can. But officially friendzoned? Noooo doubt in my mind after that...



I saw you... phallus. I finally lost enough weight to see you again! Hopefully once I get to a normal weight others will want to see you too.


on facebook

I saw you... prefrosh bragging about your full ride to Harvard on Facebook: "I just received the 'Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences Scholarship.' I guess I'm going for free now." You mean financial aid? lol.


Get at me

I saw you... looking for a guy to down a beer with while sitting in the courtyard. To discuss whatever. To fool around with. Etc.

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