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In front of Weld

I saw you... wet squirrel, lookin a hot mess.



I saw you... three times today. Twice in Annenberg and once in the yard in front of Widener. I know, I know. Pathetic. I know, but I will never know you. I'll never make you laugh, or show you how to eat a burrito without dropping a thing. I'll never share my stories with you or listen to yours. You, in that beautiful brown dress with the cardigan, will never get one of my hand painted easter eggs or even a cute card or two in your room. I will never surprise you in your room nor will we have inside jokes. You gave me the same blank look you give all strangers, but girl, to me, you may as well been scintillating. I will never drive in your car and blast my bad music. We will never see a sun set together. You'll never see past the black hair. I will remain a vague memory, a hidden person. I won't call myself an admirer: while you are gorgeous and have a beautiful attitude, I don't want you. Similarly, you don't want me. I just stopped to daydream for a second today and realized that we will never exchange names. Continue laughing though because when I see you smile, you make my day. Odds are you won't even see this post, and even when you do you'll attribute it to someone else. But it was me all along. To be frank, I feel stupid doing this, but I just wanted to let you know I saw you too.


Widener, Science Center, etc.

I saw you... HUPD officers staying up all night guarding the gates. I appreciate the work you all do protecting us students. Thanks.


Spelke Lab

I saw you...Pinker, walk into a glass wall in the developmental lab while your TF walked right on by.


The Yard

I saw you... Mather, being the best house ever.


Across the hall

I saw you... or, more accurately, I heard you, playing your guitar and screaming at the top of your lungs at all hours of the night. The noise makes it so that I can never study in my room. It keeps me from falling asleep at night. That hunk of wood is driving me insane. So how about one of these nights you drop the guitar and use your wood to make me scream instead?


harvard yale

I saw you... or heard about you, victim at harvard-yale tailgate today. thoughts and prayers go out for your loss.


Cambridge Common

I saw you...leaving a stack of blankets on a bench at the feet of sleeping homeless man. You have a precious sort of decency.


Online Student Record

I saw you... grades not being posted. Next time I refuse to do my Q Evaluations early, or at all for that matter.


St. Thecla's

I saw you...God. Reaching into my heart; making me both contrite and humbled! Thanks for always being there when I need you most!

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